Welcome to Look Forward My Brother.   Look Forward My Brother is dedicated to the well being of African American’s, our community and especially our youth and young adults.  And by virtue of that, we are also dedicated to the well being of our great country to which all dues have been paid in full.  And I am proud to announce Look Forward My Brother’s 7th year of operations as of April 2017.

Our struggles in America have been long and painful but we now have the knowledge, skill and ability to change a dire situation into one of opportunity and advancement.  We just have to do it.

I fully intend to do my fair share to ensure our success as a people.

“Together we stand as one united people of African ancestry”

Larry C. Smith, President


Black America, Do Not Take Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to the Grave; America Needs You Now


Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States.  Regardless of how you feel about that, it is a fact.  While cries of the world coming to an end and descriptions of the president as the unholy one are not as bad as before, some within our community still persist with their so called prophet predictions and ungodly characterizations.  While too much attention within our community continues to be directed toward the president, the hopelessness in our community continues.

The issues we have are monumental but they are manageable.  That is, if we first agree that they are our problems and secondly, they are our problems to fix.  Now I know these statements seem simplistic but they are truly at the core of where we are today.  For example, we are demanding that White America provide more jobs for our communities when we are not acknowledging the fact that we have over a trillion dollars of disposable income which we spend in other communities and we only have 3% of the businesses in America.  In other words, we could have jobs in our communities if we created businesses in our communities.  This in turn could lead to more job creation as our youth and young adults become entrepreneurs and pass their knowledge, skills and abilities down to the next generation.  Now let’s talk about those knowledge, skills and abilities.

Knowledge, skill, and ability hereto referred to as KSA are critical attributes one must have to function effectively in your work environment.  In my former life with the Social Security Administration, I met and personally know many of the key players who significantly contributed to the effective working of that organization.  Many of these individuals are African Americans, male and female.  Being part of that inner circle of key players, I along with all others was provided with the most up-to-date industry level training across many disciplines.  How have we, collectively, used that advantage?

Collectively, I have not seen any significant business endeavors from my African American counterparts.  Not one significant business.  And when I say significant, I refer to businesses which employ the services of people with the possibility of significant growth.  And therein lays one of the main problems within our community.  The KSA’s possessed by our brothers and sisters will go to the grave with them.

With this thought process, we are not thinking about the future of our children, nor are we thinking about the country we love.  There is growing concern that America is losing its innovation and technological edge.  And that is a valid concern which has far reaching consequences for our nation and its way of life.  We need every able body man and woman to step up and branch out; specifically Black America.  And to accomplish that, we need Black American leaders to provide their KSA’s to the next generation of African Americans and all Americans alike.

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