About Us


Hi:  My name is Larry C. Smith and I am the founder and president of Look Forward My Brother (LFMB), LLC.  LFMB is an educational, for profit organization established in 2010.  The reason LFMB has not, to date, applied for non-profit status is because of the many limitations imposed by that status.  I have determined that those limitations would greatly limit LFMB’s effectiveness as a vehicle for change.  And that we cannot have because of the monumental challenges we as a people face.

LFMB’s primary focus is the African American community with special emphasis on the African American male population.  In order to be as effective as possible and to reach as many audiences as possible, my business model calls for:

  • public appearances to engage legislators, community leaders, the church, non-profit/for profit organizations, sororities/fraternities and the “movers and shakers” with the goal of obtaining their help and/or pledges of support,
  • dialog on social media in support of LFMB’s goals and objectives and to further explain LFMB’s position on the issues,
  • written communication with the highest levels of local, state, and Federal government as well as civil rights groups and Black Caucauses to express the views of LFMB and to obtain position statements  from those entities and seek their help and/or pledges of support,
  • documented procedures which can be used as a guideline to address issues within the community, and
  • a website presence.

The problems our community faces are huge.  Let’s understand that.  But they are not insurmountable. Just a little bit of faith, a lot of hard work and the willingness to open our minds to doing and thinking differently is all we need.

“Together we stand as one united people of African ancestry”

Larry C. Smith, President
Look Forward My Brother