ADT’s $27.95 Marketing Pitch; Beware

Beware of ADT marketing pitch of $27.95 a month with many bells and whistles. It ended up costing me $56.17 a month without my knowledge. First they ask if you have a land line, which many do not have now. That’s the only way you can get close to the $27.95 (but the installer never mentions that it will cost you an additional $15 a month because you don’t have a land line).

Then they add a super pulse charge to your system without your knowledge (that is also an additional expense). But the worse part is, ADT is not the company you are dealing with, it is actually a company called Defender. This is totally unknown to you at the time. When I called ADT with my complaint, they had to refer me to Defender. The only recourse at this time is they can drop the monthly charge to $45.00 a month. That’s more than I was paying with Monitronics. I actually had more bells and whistles with Monitronics. Defender now says it will cost me largely to terminate their service. Image that, they mislead me and I have to pay. Well, I am filing a complaint with both the Better Business Bureau as well as the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. Such a shame that you cannot trust American business as you once could.