Goals and Objectives


  1. To provide factual and relevant information to the African American community,
  2. To impress upon the politicians, clergy, business community, government, and everyday people that our African American youth and young adults are the future of the community and that we all should ensure that they are adequately nurtured, protected, and provided for,
  3. To pound home the fact that all dues have been paid-in-full and that African Americans are full fledge American citizens entitled to all that our country has to offer,
  4. To make African American youth and young adults understand that they are the next generation to take the reins of leadership and that they must be prepared to do so,
  5. To stress the importance and necessity of being involved in political and civic activities,
  6. To stress the importance of critically thinking all issues affecting the African American community and the nation,
  7. To redirect the majority of African American energies to the potential positives of today and tomorrow, while neither forgetting the bitter past nor ignoring hateful current events,
  8. To impress upon the African American community the entrepreneurial nature and spirit of America and how African Americans must fully and emphatically grasp those concepts,
  9. To impress upon the African American church the necessity of putting aside its individualism and sometimes cliquish ways and to collaboratively address the many issues facing the African American community,
  10. To impress upon African Americans the importance of education and how education more than likely will determine what they will be and what they will accomplish in life,
  11. To provide the African American community with the tools needed to initiate actions to make their communities safe, livable, vibrant, and capable of attracting and sustaining business enterprises.

All of these objectives are meant to rekindle that drive and determination African Americans had after the passage of those landmark Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and Fair Housing laws of the 1960’s, re-awaken that intense feeling of personal responsibility for our actions and the well-being of our community and its inhabitants, and usher in the rebirth of the African American community and its people. What Are the Goals of Look Forward My Brother, LLC?

In order to fulfill its stated objectives, LFMB identified 3 goals (henceforth phases) which if implemented successfully would allow all objectives to be met.  They are as follows:


Phase 1 – Implement Website and Build Relationships (April 2010 – April 2014)

As of April 2017, our website had been in existence in excess of 7 years and that focus has been very successful.  During that time, over 80 monthly commentaries have been written, hundreds of Facebook comments made, and numerous alliances have been formed.  April 2014 represented the official end of Phase 1.  While I continue to write commentaries, my primary focus is now the implementation of Phases 2 and 3.

Phase 2 – Establish Roundtables / Develop and Document Procedures
(May 2014 –)

This is the most important phase of LFMB because it is with this phase that I get the community involvement.  LFMB’s concept of roundtables is much different than the current roundtable concept.  Each of LFMB’s roundtables will have a stated goal and objectives,  theme, marketing strategy, budget, begin and end dates, and metric to determine the success or failure of that roundtable.  Phase 2 is also important because during this phase procedures are being developed and documented for release in Phase 3.

Phase 3 – National Implementation (April 2018 – )

The final goal of LFMB is national distribution of roundtable procedures.  These procedures will lay out, in layman’s terms, methodologies which will allow African American communities across the nation to build communities which are safe, livable, and vibrant.  Once that is accomplished, those communities will be able to attract and sustain businesses.