Baltimore’s Mandatory Sentencing Consideration, Maybe Not the Way to Proceed

So far (i.e., July 18, 2017 4:31 pm) there have been 189 homicides in our fair city of Baltimore, Maryland USA.  Compare that to the nine , yes nine, combined combat related deaths of  US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq . Sad to say but our combat troops are far safer in an active war zone than in Baltimore City.

There are a number of factors contributing to this carnage.  And I would be the first to state that those factors should be considered when addressing a long term strategy to turn this situation around.  But for now, we need some immediate short term action.

There are proposals for mandatory sentencing for anyone caught with an illegal gun.  An illegal gun is any gun being carried (with a few allowances) within the State of Maryland for which no permit has been issued by the State of Maryland.  The problem I have with this approach is that it does not consider some circumstances that could possibly warrant a law abiding citizen from doing just that.  Example, the citizen hears cries of help from his neighbor or loved one a half block from his home.  He/she notes multiple villains involved.  Fearing for the safety of all, including them self, they pick up the family gun and head down the street.  Technically, they would go to jail because of the law. And we also must remember how so many African American’s obtained criminal records during the sweeps in Baltimore to clear the corners.

My approach is very simplistic.  We must first forgive our police department for some past errors and we must forgive ourselves for forcing the police department to apply police tactics to civic matters.  We must then concentrate on those known trouble makers.  From the minute they leave their place of residence to the time they return, law enforcement should be all over them.  Stop them, search them, make them know we know they are trouble.  Most are on parole and if I am not mistaken, this would be a legal tactic.

Next law enforcement must get ahead of the curve when it comes to revenge killing.  When there is a killing, find out the names of relatives, friends, etc.  Let them know you are watching them.  For those more-than-likely to seek street justice, monitor their every day actions and let them know you are there.  For both groups I have referred too, make it clear that if they don’t like what’s going on, leave our city.

It is war out there and I stand behind my proposals 100%.